Transient Incontinence

There are several different forms of urinary incontinence, including transient incontinence. Transient incontinence is a temporary reaction that results in an involuntary leakage of urine from the body.

Causes of Transient Incontinence

Transient incontinence is ultimately a symptom of another existing medical condition such as a cold, pregnancy, or urinary tract infection. Once the preexisting condition is treated, the transient incontinence will correct itself and urinary leakages will stop.

One example of transient incontinence would be an individual who releases a small stream of urine during a powerful sneeze caused by a cold.

In some instances, transient incontinence can be caused by a particular medication. If you believe this to be the case of your own transient incontinence, it is advised to discuss alternative medications with your doctor.

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