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We would love to hear about your experience with us. Please consider sharing your story to benefit future patients and help us achieve our goal of creating the best possible experience for each of our patients. You are helping us learn what we did right, or how we could have done better, and where we need to improve. Our goal is to take the best possible care of our patients.

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  • Why you chose Dr. Siddiq
  • How long you stayed in hospital
  • Please describe your recovery, pain level, complications, etc. Most patients are interested to know what to expect first few days, first and second week
  • When you returned to work
  • If you would you recommend Dr. Siddiq to a friend/relative

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5 Stars

2 Reviews | Average Rating: 5

5 Stars

Dr siddig saved my life he is gentle honest with you and is a dr to help and save people not for glory or money. I told him he had a gift to save lives he said that is what he gets up every morning for. he is talented amazing and really cares and has the very best nurses. they are very good and very personable. they are a good reflection of the doctor. from the receptionist to the nurses, even the lady who I pay is very nice. I would highly recommend him. he has saved many lives in his time.
5 Stars

He's the best in the business. I had three seperate stones the summer of 2009. He knew how to get rid of them and has kept me stone free for 11 years. Very likeable and accommodating to his patients. I refer all my friends to him if they need a great urologist. Because no one needs the pain of a kidney stone.


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