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5 Stars

7 Reviews | Average Rating: 5

5 Stars

I have been a patient for over 5 years. Dr. Siddiq is a no frills physician, if your looking for a physician that “sugar coats” your illness then he’s not for you. . Dr. enters the room, double checks all the records, then you have a conversation regarding your illness. He does not leave you “hanging” with information you don’t know or understand. Dr. Saddiq makes sure you agree with the treatment plan, gives you all the info you need to understand to move forward. Dr. Siddiq informed me that I have cancer, I have seen a physicians beside attention, he has to the case, he gives you options.gave me options and made sure all my question and I understood. Spent a lot of time with me! If you’re looking for aDt who “sugar Coates”, not taking time to hear you, and you leave with a smile and not understanding your treatment plan, Dr. Siddiq is not for you. If your looking for a physician who takes time with you, then give Dr. Siddiq a call! You won’t be disappointed!
5 Stars

I joined Dr. Siddiq’s medical team after discovering he was a local Urologist that did robotics procedures! Did so preparing myself with him just in case I needed a serious procedure in the future. It was approximately 2-3 years later that I had several bladder stones, plus he found that my prostate was extremely enlarged. Dr. Siddiq preformed both procedures at the same time using robotics equipment; which limited my hospital stay & reduced my recovery time in half! I was very nervous about these procedures but he answered all of my questions, in which relaxed me mentally & gave me courage to endure it. I would like to recommend this Urologist to anyone who needs one. He’s a concerned, friendly, well spoken doctor with a great staff to boot!!
5 Stars

Dr. Siddiq has been an excellent physician to me through some very difficult times. He skillfully removed my left kidney due to Stage 3 Renal cancer with hand assisted robotic surgery. I also have other urinary issues that have required several procedures. It has been a year now since the cancer surgery (BTW: he came and checked on me on Thanksgiving Day at the hospital a couple of days post-op) Dr. Siddiq did a procedure on me late one evening at the hospital prior to taking a vacation beginning the next day to make sure I would be OK while he was out. So far the cancer has not returned and he has been faithful to encourage me along my journey. I will have my semi-annual CT scan again this month. The wonderful staff at Advanced Urology are all very knowledgeable, nice and helpful. They are very careful with sanitizing, social distancing patients, and wearing masks in this world of Covid-19. I would definitely recommend Dr. Siddiq and his staff for any urological health needs you may have.
5 Stars

Dr siddig saved my life he is gentle honest with you and is a dr to help and save people not for glory or money. I told him he had a gift to save lives he said that is what he gets up every morning for. he is talented amazing and really cares and has the very best nurses. they are very good and very personable. they are a good reflection of the doctor. from the receptionist to the nurses, even the lady who I pay is very nice. I would highly recommend him. he has saved many lives in his time.
5 Stars

He's the best in the business. I had three seperate stones the summer of 2009. He knew how to get rid of them and has kept me stone free for 11 years. Very likeable and accommodating to his patients. I refer all my friends to him if they need a great urologist. Because no one needs the pain of a kidney stone.
5 Stars

I have seen Dr Siddiq for a number of years. He watched over me and treated my prostate cancer when the time came. Although he is a leader in the field of Robotic Surgery he uses surgery as a last resort. He cured my problem with Radiation and I've come to trust his judgement. I feel safe in his care.
5 Stars

Removed my prostate, excellent surgeon, post surgery (2 months) everything back too normal, no leakage, normal sex life getting back to normal for me. Would highly recommend him.